Elevating the Art and Science of Program Management

Take Your Program Management Leadership to the Next Level

The Academy For Program Management Leaders

The Academy is a premier professional development experience tailored for corporate clients and targeted to current and aspiring program management leaders.

Academy participants will:

  • Apply Industry Standard Program Management Practices to the Strategically Important Programs that You are Leading
  • Develop Networks and Improve Your Ability to Navigate the Enterprise
  • Learn Methods to Engage and Influence Stakeholders to More Consistently and Effectively Realize a Program's Benefits
  • Build trusted Peer Network Relationships to Access Best Practices and Support Problem-Solving.
  • Take a Long-Term View of Your Individual and Career Development, and Gain Clarity on Your Development Priorities
  • Lead, Coach, and Develop Program Teams in Ways that Reflect a Solid Understanding of Organizational/Business Context and Priorities

Elevating the Art and Science of Program Management

The Academy is designed to grow leaders to deal with current and emerging challenges for the PgM role.

Navigating organizational complexity  

  • Forming a mental map of stakeholders to understand where they matter and what their point of view is, where they need to be engaged  
  • Managing intersections and interdependencies  
  • Operating within a matrixed organization  

Executing in a resource-constrained environment

  • Constrained budget relative to demands
  • Building and maintaining commitment among stakeholders with competing priorities

Managing x-business programs amid variations in governance, tools, processes across LOBs

  • Working with unique processes, data, and toolsets for managing projects
  • Executing in melding project methodologies – waterfall, agile, etc.

Evolving mindset from project/program management to organizational leadership

Success in the PgM Role will demand: 

  • Broader business knowledge (less siloed)

  • Greater enterprise thinking

  • Ability to skillfully influence resource allocation, manage interdependencies, and bust barriers across the organization 

  • Leadership to usher specialized resources seamlessly in and out of programs and processes will be more important

  • Ownership of program delivery and a relentless focus on the realization of program benefits and sustainability

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